An easy, effective, and engaging way to uncover your employees’ productivity potential.
Transform ideas into measured success.

Capture issues and ideas quickly and efficiently

Quantify your savings potential by collecting, prioritizing, and optimizing recurring operational activities.
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Process of harvesting ideas and issues

Not having an idea harvesting process in place can be very discouraging for employees and managers, affecting the company morale heavily.

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Unspoken idea potential

39% of employees feel frustration because their ideas are not being listened to and 1/5 of them never speak up. Once not being heard, can shut their mouths forever.

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Bottom-up communication can be improved

82% of employees have improvement proposals but it's almost impossible for managers to harvest and manage all the contributions.

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Time investment is huge

Operations managers can invest up to 17 or more actions and meetings into improving the processes. Time losses need to be measured also on an operational level.


of employees have ideas for improvements

Harvest the issues and ideas with automated support.


feels their ideas are not being listened to

With Smarttable employees get a voice and recognition for their contribution.


more effective communication

Increase the communication efficiency between management and your employees.


increase of time savings

Time savings can be enormous once the top cost-driving issues are being allocated and improved.

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